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Mayonnaise Alternatives

Hampton Creek raises $23 million from Li Ka-Shing

“Hampton Creek, The Start-up That’s Making Eggs Obsolete, Just Got $23 Million In Funding Led By The Richest Man In Asia… The company announced that it is taking $23 million in
a series B round led by Li Ka-Shing’s Horizon Ventures. Li is Asia’s richest man, with a net worth of $29.2 billion”

Business Insider, 2014

Hampton creek raises $90 million

“San Francisco-based Hampton Creek raised $90 million in a strategic Series C financing round, the food technology start-up said today. This latest investment brings the company’s total funding to $120 million. Hampton Creek, which is best known for its egg-free condiment Just Mayo, is trying to index the world’s plants in an effort to come up with plant-based food products that are better for the environment and its customers’ health. Horizons Ventures and Khosla Ventures, which have both previously invested in the company, led the round. New investors included Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin and Salesforce founder and CEO Marc Benioff”

Business Insider, 2014

Li Ha-Shing

“Everyone wants a clean and sustainable world, and we love that Hampton Creek is committed to that goal, egg by egg” – Li Ka-Shing, Richest Man in Asia

Business Insider, 2014

Hampton Creek threatened by American egg board

“Eggless mayo brand ‘Just Mayo,’ made by Hampton Creek, has been threatened by the American Egg Board, and the CEO is speaking out. CEO Josh Tetrick said: “The American Egg Board is actually run by the USDA… They actually paid someone to call Whole Foods to attempt to block the initial distribution of the product, trying to influence policy.”

Tetrick said the Obama Administration is probing the Egg Board over the controversy.

“They realized… that we are not just a tiny company in San Francisco, but we are making a huge dent in making food better and they see how fast we are growing… they see that we are using plants, not because we are obsessed with plants and crops out there, but we enjoy working with farmers to reduce the cost of food, to use less water and that’s somewhat a threat to their business model but Senator Mike Lee from Utah has already spoken out against. This is a free market economy and may the best product win, ” he said.

According to Tetrick his vegan business is “one of the fastest growing food companies on the planet.”
“It’s not just Whole Foods, but it’s at Walmart, it’s at Dollar Tree, it’s with Compass Group, the biggest food company in the world… and you remember the point of the company, make it easier for regular people to eat better and that’s why we are everywhere and I think that’s why some incumbents, not all of them… are feeling a little bit threatened by our product,” he said.

When asked whether it’s a $100 million a year company yet he said: “The value of the company is considerably more than that”

Gazette Live, 2015

American egg board ceo resigns in wake of hampton creek foods scandal

“The CEO of the American Egg Board has stepped down earlier than planned, following the release of emails indicating she tried to stop the sale of a vegan mayonnaise at Whole Foods”

ABC News, 2015

Just Mayo revenues up 350% in 2015

“Revenues at plant-based foods maker Hampton Creek surged 350% in 2015 as the company expanded its product range and strengthened partnerships in retail and foodservice, said CEO Josh Tetrick, who also grew the headcount at the San Francisco-based company from 60 to 110 employees last year”

Food Navigator, 2016

7-Eleven use Hampton Creek foods’ just mayo in all products

“7-Eleven quietly switched to vegan mayo, the world’s biggest convenience store just went vegan with its sandwich spread, but you wouldn’t know it. 7-Eleven switch to Just Mayo; 7-Eleven will still sell other jars of mayo, but will be using the eggless mayo in food it prepares. This change would save over 81 million gallons of water, preserve over 4 million square feet of land, and prevent 191 million grams of CO2 emission. For the body, 1.5 billion milligrams of sodium, 304 million milligram of cholesterol, and 30 million grams of saturated fat would be avoided annually”

Food Navigator USA, 2015


Hellmann’s gives vegan a go after suing eggless spread maker

After suing a vegan mayo maker for false advertising, Hellmann’s parent company Unilever is launching its own eggless spread. The company said Tuesday that its first eggless version of Hellmann’s will hit shelves later this month under the label “Carefully Crafted Dressing and Sandwich Spread”

North Jersey, 2016

Unilever announce $17.8 million repositioning campaign

“Flora, Unilever UK’s spreads brand, has announced a $17.8m (£12.5m) brand repositioning campaign, Powered by Plants, and a new dairy-free variant, Flora Freedom”

Dairy Reporter, 2016

Veganegg in 15k locations, sold out in 2 weeks

“VeganEgg – a novel 100% plant-based whole egg replacer utilizing algae as its core ingredient – has taken off like a rocketship, says brand owner Follow Your Heart, which is ramping up production for a wider roll-out in 2016… We projected our initial run would last three months; we sold out in two weeks… available in around 15,000 locations”

Food Navigator USA, 2015