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Environmental destruction is having catastrophic affects on major life-critical systems in the world that have been summarised into problem, cause, timeline and solution.

Water Security

We do not have enough fresh water for our current population, let alone population growth, because much of the world’s water sources are drying up.

Food Security

Food for a growing world is facing a ‘perfect storm’ of declining yields, land degradation, water availability, land availability, climate change and exploding livestock numbers.

Climate Refugees

The roots of the Syrian refugee crisis lie in the years of extreme drought in that region. More than 100 million people have fled their homelands due to climate change induced drought, water scarcity, floods and extreme weather events.

Biodiversity Loss

The world is in the grips of the sixth great extinction – and humans are causing it. The web of life that we depend on for food, water and health is being destroyed.

Oceanic Collapse

The oceans are dying, and we have caused it. As we wipe out one species of fish, we move on to another and this has been the continuing trend in recent decades such that currently 90% of the worlds large fish are now gone.


More than a billion acres of farmland on the planet has already been abandoned due to degradation and desertification.


Forests, the lungs of the planet, are under extreme threat. Up to a fifth of global greenhouse gas emissions come from deforestation and forest degradation.


Methane (responsible for up to 40% of global warming) is largely ignored by the climate science community as a distraction from the main problem: carbon dioxide.

Climate Change

Climate chaos is already upon us, with a lot worse to come. Livestock production is a large and growing source of greenhouse gases, but is importantly the greatest source of shorter-term emissions.

Health Epidemic

The science is now clear: meat causes cancer. Many of the ‘lifestyle diseases’ of diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer can be treated successfully by a change in diet.

Livestock Subsidies

Billions of dollars are spent annually propping up livestock industries. This is indefensible.

The Vegan Organic Solution

The impact of the world turning vegan would be profound. Ecosystems would be restored; a quarter of the earth’s surface could be returned to native vegetation; global warming would slow almost immediately; our health and quality of life would improve dramatically.